Chiropractic Testimonials

“When I first came to Summit, I could hardly walk; I was using a cane and walking with a limp and I was in terrible pain.  I saw immediate improvement and now I walk with no problems, no pain and I am even noticing that my sales are improving at work!  I just feel great!  Like a new body and life! Plus, the staff and atmosphere are friendly like a family!”

– Mary D.


“I didn’t realize how limited my range of motion had become, but now I feel like the Tin Man AFTER he got oiled!”

– Tracy S.


“I feel SO much better!  I was a mess when I came in for the first time!  Now I can move a lot more, and I continue to have less pain.  I sleep better and I stand up straight.  It was the ‘MIRACLE’ I was praying for and it continues to improve my quality of life!”

– Heidi K.


“I love being adjusted!  My headaches are now few and far between and my body generally feels better.”

– Jackie E.


“Since coming to Summit I have been able to do so much more with my children.  I can bike and swim and I can lift them and hold them without discomfort.  I have more flexibility and can move freely.  It is AWESOME!”

– Jolene M.


“I first started coming to Summit due to my chronic migraine headaches.  Since coming for the past month, I have only had one migraine.  My headache was gone after the first adjustment!  I feel so much better than I have in a very long time.”

– Patti W.


“My life has improved dramatically since beginning care at Summit.  I went from having several headaches a week to nearly none in the past month!  I’m able to enjoy work and life more and I don’t have to worry about how I am going to feel for the day because I feel GREAT!  Thanks Dr. Giles!”

– Krystle S.


“Before I came to Summit Chiropractic, I had severe neck pains.  It was hard to do every day things.  Now, after only a couple of weeks, I went snow tubing with friends.  I DEFINITELY would not have been able to handle that before.  Now I go through the day with little to no pain at all.”

– Lyndsey B.


“I feel better than I have in a LONG TIME!  Dr. Giles made me feel comfortable by explaining everything in detail before adjusting me.  By having that basic knowledge, it has helped me get healthy and make better choices.  My morning workouts feel smoother and not so tense.  The headaches are gone and I feel balanced.”

– Stefanie G.


“Since starting care, I feel like I have more energy to do things that I enjoyed before my back was so bad.  It got so bad that it FORCED me to start treatment.  Now I feel like there is more I can do and more that I am going to be able to do in the future.”

– Rory C.


“I have found that excellent chiropractors are hard to come by.  Therefore, I am excited to have finally discovered Summit Chiropractic Wellness Center last summer after a long while of searching following my recent move to the area!"



"I have grown up with Chiropractic care and have experienced many benefits with it.  When I started coming to Dr. Giles, I was mainly needing maintenance care, but almost two months ago, I was rear-ended in an automobile accident.  As a result, I experienced whiplash, muscle spasms, and major tension.  Almost immediately, I began treatment at Summit Chiropractic.  These treatments required patience as I did not see immediate results, but it sure beat risking painful effects later on due to unknown injuries.  I have improved drastically, decreasing my visits."

- Anonymous


"None of my adjustments at Summit have ever been painful and their prices are reasonable.  Everyone there is great to work with.  Dr. Giles has a heart for people and cares for his patients in a personal way – he has been like a brother to me.  It is very evident that he strives towards excellence in his profession and unselfishly does what it takes to help his patients and others.  Dan is an excellent message therapist and has been a big part of my success as well."

- Anonymous


"If you are in need of chiropractic care, please don’t hesitate – it’s well worth it!”

– Analisa K.


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